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I had been looking for property in Umbria for about 5 years and it had been a very frustrating exercise. I discovered Welcomeservice by chance and I was completely bowled over by Paola Berlenghini?s efficiency; she arranged meetings, brought files and introduced the right people at exactly the perfect moment. She has a sixth sense with regard to detail. Having been warned that buying a property in Italy was bound by bureaucratic red tape, it was a joy to have Paola at my side, the purchase went through very smoothly and she has guided me on everything from architects to olive pickers. I cannot recommend her and her team highly enough

Shelley-Anne Claircourt, press agent, London, UK

Like many people, we fell in love with Italy on our first visit. Years later we decided to pursue our dream of actually buying a house in Italy. We researched and read all the right books, then started the process of searching for a house. Many emails and phone calls about houses went unreturned. We soon realized that our problem was that we needed a liaison in Italy, someone who knew the system and could smooth it out for us. But where were we to begin, especially when neither of us is fluent in Italian? Then we found Paola. Without question, Welcomeservice is the most professional, efficient, accommodating and user-friendly agency we have found in all of Europe. Paola and her staff make the maze of legal and real estate issues easy to navigate. Paola herself is one of the downright nicest people we have met in all of Italy and her sense of service and fairness is impeccable. We have thoroughly enjoyed every step in our relationship with Welcomeservice and we recommend them without reservation to anyone seriously searching for a house in Italy

Rev. Dr. Robert and Mrs Suzanne Le Favi, Savannah, Georgia, USA

" If you are thinking of buying property, land, actually anything in Umbria your first stop must be Welcomeservice and Dr.ssa Paola Berlenghini " We consider ourselves very lucky to have come across Welcomeservice on the internet when we were searching for a property in Umbria, and from the first house Paolo showed us until the final signing for that first house (Yes we bought that first house !) we received nothing but the highest standard of professional & freindly service. Paola made our experience of buying a property in a foreign country painless, she helped us with all the jobs we had been told were a nightmare ie. banks, comune, insurance, etc, etc. We would not hesitate to recommend Paola and her team of professionals because we know she does what she says

Conor McGlone & Siobhan Hegarty, photographers, Donegal, Ireland

...."Welcomeservice is a unique service designed for those foreigners who wish to live in Umbria permanently or to spend their holidays in gorgeous places.
I could spend my holidays in Umbria some time ago and I decided to travel along back roads with Paola: I could enjoy the view of fascinating landscapes and splendid Medieval villages unknown to most tourists and taste delicious food. I felt as if I were with an old Italian friend. Thanks Paola!"........

Paulina Rizzuti, estate agent, San Francisco, USA


..."Never met an Italian more organized, knowledgeable, fast and efficient. The money was well spent, saving us hours of getting through the maze of
Italian bureaucracy. Paola knows her business whether it is phones, electric, documents ..And she is beautiful too!"....

Bruce Weissman, banker, San Francisco, USA

.."Paola, You have been a life saver to me in my move to Italy! You have shown me how things are done in Italy, making it so much easier to cut
thru the red tape. You have followed thru dilligently in arranging all my utilities, and household needs. You even found time to help me while
you were on vacation. In short, you have helped me enormously. Thank you so very much!"....

Seija Sisko Weissman, Kihnio, Finland


..."I can certainly recommend the friendly and efficient Welcomeservice provided by Paola - she takes care of all those difficult, tedious but necessary tasks associated with house buying in Italy - an invaluable help both when we are in Italy and when we are back at home."....

Patrick & Sallie Scodeller,Singapore

...."Paola Berlenghini - oder die gute Zauberfee...

Als wir im Januar 2001 den Vorvertrag zum Mietvertrag für unser Haus in Torri unterschrieben, hatten wir bedingungsloses Vertrauen in das Wort des Vermieters bezüglich der Fertigstellung des Hauses und der ausgehandelten Vertragsbedingungen. Immer wieder wurde vom Vermieter ein Termin der Fertigstellung genannt - immer wieder wurden die Zusagen nicht eingehalten. Die Handwerker erschienen nicht auf der Baustelle, das Haus wurde und wurde nicht fertig. Wir waren der Verzweiflung manchmal nahe und wir hätten Italien bestimmt verlassen, um uns in einem anderen Gastland niederzulassen. Als dann fünf Monate später noch immer nicht an den Einzug zu denken war und immer neue Vertröstungen kamen, da erschien Paola - einer guten Fee gleich! Seit wir Paola mit der Regelung unserer Angelegenheiten, sei es die Fertigstellung des Hauses, die Überprüfung der vom Vermieter neuerlich vorgelegten Vertragsbedingungen, die Organisation der notwendigen Anschlüsse für das Haus etc., beauftragt hatten, ging plötzlich alles viel schneller. Seit Paola sich um die Angelegenheit kümmert, kamen die Handwerker zu verabredeten Zeiten, erledigten ihre Arbeiten zügig. Und Paola war die erste, die uns die Besonderheiten des italienischen Mietrechtes so erklären konnte, dass wir nicht mit platten Bemerkungen wie "wir sind hier in Italien" abgespeist wurden, sondern mit grundlegendem Wissen neue Vertragsverhandlungen führen konnten, die unter Vermittlung eines hervorragenden Anwaltes zum erfolgreichen Abschluß geführt werden konnten. Paola hat uns eine neue, ganz andere Seite der italienischen Mentalität gezeigt und wir sind froh heute hier leben zu können."....

Bernd Rademacher - Beratender Betriebswirt

Christian Albrecht - AirServices Business Consultant

"Paola is wonderful! As we say in Texas, "she takes the bull by the horns" - which means she anticipates needs and handles the situation."

Rochelle (Shelly) White, attorney, Houston, Texas, USA

.."We would like to thank Paola very much for helping us buy our holiday home in Todi. Nothing was too much bother for her and she helped us through every stage, from first viewing the property until the final closure. She is always available if an emergency happens and she has smoothed out any problems which we have encountered, although these have been few thanks to her efficiency. She is very helpful and totally professional, always glad to help in any way she can. She has also introduced us to many people in Todi, and it is thanks to her that we now have quite a few friends - Paola of course is one of them.
Paola, we cannot thank you enough"

Ann and Michael McConway, Renfrew, Scotland

Real estate and houses for sale in Italy and Umbria