Views from Umbria, the green kingdom of Art, Nature and Culture

where the landscape mirrors the soul, a perfect balance of taste, colors, sounds and styles

From Borgo to Borgo along back roads

Following serpentine roads that wind through the green rolling hills, the traveler remains struck by the sight of lush spots, well-ordered vegetable gardens, medieval villages clinging to the hills and  rows of golden vines.

Small is beautiful

Nothing here is out of place, everything is small, minute, quiet and peaceful, respecting the purity and perfection of the architectural forms.

The pleasure of hospitality

Immersed in green woods, framed by wild vegetation, surrounded by Romanesque abbeys, villas, apartments and farmhouses become the ideal place to spend relaxing days.

The Country of Inspiration

The harmony of the landscape has been, and still is, the perfect Muse for all the artists who have chosen to live in Umbria, an ideal place to create true works of art.

The Thousand and One Notes

The rhythm of jazz blends beautifully with the harmonious notes of classic music, creating a magical scent that spreads from alley to alley through  medieval villages: Umbria Jazz, Todi Festival, The Festival of the Two Worlds, La Giostra della Quintana, La Corsa dei Ceri, medieval parades, country fairs, antiques exhibitions.

Todi S. Maria in Cammuccia archaeological site
Todi Bishop's Palace
Terni cascata delle Marmore
Todi Nunziatina church
Castelluccio Norcia
Todi Church of Consolazione (by R. Baglioni)
Todi Nunziatina church
Assisi St. Francis church
Todi Church of Consolazione (by R. Baglioni)
Todi Piazza Bartolomeo d'Alviano fountain
Todi Bishop's Palace gallery
Spello historic centre
Todi Theatre
Todi view (by R. Baglioni)


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