WelcomeService is absolutely amazing! Thanks to all the the wonderful help that they provide, we feel entirely comfortable owning a vacation property in Italy. Over nearly a decade, WelcomeService has helped us find rental properties to stay in, purchase and renovate a property 
(with skilled, licensed local contractors), and take care of things while we were out of the country. We would recommend them to any expat without hesitation. Their impeccable honesty and ethics, their diligent work ethic and can-do attitude make us confident that they will capably
handle the details big and small that accompany remote property ownership. Even when we’re back in the US, we know that our home is in good hands with WelcomeService always looking out for our best interests. In short, they are the true embodiment of “Welcome Service”…
one that carries on long after our first arrival in Todi!

Matthew Tupper

Thanks to WelcomeService
With an increasingly difficult and complex market due to continuously changing legislation, unforeseeable difficulties can be encountered, as happened to me over the last twenty years.
I would therefore like to thank Paola Berlenghini of the WelcomeService real estate agency for the seriousness of her work and her profound knowledge of the "invisible" problems that may arise during the various stages of the negotiations.
I particularly appreciated the balance between the two parties and the expertise of serious professionals such as the real estate agent Maddalena Tacchio, the surveyor Remo Giorgetti and various others.
Well done and thanks to all

Vibeke Roepstorff Castelli (Denmark)

Paola has been everything that we wanted in an agent from start to finish. Welcoming, friendly, attentive and honest. From the moment we made contact with her to the moment we left the property she has been on hand to answer every ridiculous question
I've had. (And there have been several) And has done so with a smile and with complete transparency. Our property search continues away from Todi, but if our next agent is half as helpful as Paola I'll be very happy.

Lloyd Mulligan (Irlanda)

Paola's contact details were given to me by friends who heartily recommended her. I'm already convinced that the trust was well deserved. I rented an apartment in Todi for three months, and Paola's help was indispensable.
If I can manage to come again next year, it is clear that I will turn to her. I wholeheartedly recommend her services. Definitely five stars!
Jutka Sallai (Hungary)

With Welcomeservice I have experienced business efficiency, kindness and full availability to solve any type of problem related to real estate
Carlo Larcan, Roma

I had been looking for an apartment in Todi suitable for me, comfortable and in the historic centre. Well, thank you to Welcomeservice support, to Paola Berlenghini's knowledge of Todi and to her real estate listings, I have found the right house for me
I highly recommend everybody Welcomeservice
Gabriella Conti, Roma

Without Paola, we would've been absolutely lost! She has held our hand throughout making an experience
which could have been both
costly and stressful a relative breeze, even in the final stages of Brexit!
We cannot fault her dedication in supporting us throughout the
process, especially when dealing with the
Italian legal system. We can't wait to get back over to Umbria as soon as travel restrictions are
and join Paola for a bottle of wine! Best wishes,
The Harrisons (U.K.)

Wir sind im Zusammenhang mit der Suche nach einer Immobilie in der Gegend von Todi auf Frau Berlenghini gestoßen, die uns ein Grundstück entsprechend unseren Vorstellungen vermittelt hat. Im Dezember 2020 ist es dann zum Kaufabschluss gekommen. Bevor wir Frau Berlenghini kennengelernt haben, hatten wir uns schon seit längerer Zeit mit der Suche nach einem Objekt befasst, so dass wir recht konkrete Vorstellungen hatten. Frau Berlenghini hat genau verstanden, wonach wir suchen und uns bei der Auswahl sehr kompetent beraten. Nachdem wir uns entschieden hatten, hat sie all unsere Fragen in Form von e-mails immer sehr schnell und umfassend beantwortet. Dabei hat sie uns alle für uns notwendigen Informationen zur Verfügung gestellt und uns einen zeitlichen Ablauf aufgezeigt, den sie bestens eingehalten hat. Frau Berlenghini verfügt über ein umfangreiches Wissen im Hinblick auf alle Details, die beim Erwerb einer Immobilie in Italien notwendig sind. Gleichzeitig spürt man ihre große Erfahrung mit dem Kauf und Verkauf von Immobilien, was sich durch zahlreiche wichtige Kontakte und ein großes Netzwerk bemerkbar macht. Dabei ist auch gerne bereit, wichtige Kontakte weiterzugeben.

Frau Berlenghini hat eine sehr angenehme, freundliche Art im Umgang, man merkt auch ihre Freude und Begeisterung bei ihrer Arbeit, die sie auf andere überträgt. 

Wir können Frau Berlenghini uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen! 

Dr. Stephanie Scholz und Christoph Wich, Leipzig ( Deutschland)

Paola has been an absolute godsend over the last six years. We initially bought a derelict farmhouse on a large plot of land through her in 2014, with the intention of a large scale renovation over the next few years. 
Sadly as time went by we realised that our pace of life on London  was such that it wouldn’t be feasible to manage the project from such a distance, so we changed tack and listed the property for sale in 2020.
Even given the difficulties of COVID Paola remained positive, and we sold the house on Christmas eve 2020.  Paola is a consummate professional and utterly trustworthy in every way.  She has become a good friend,
and we now regularly holiday in Umbria, often in houses recommended by her.  She has introduced us to many people and although we are sad to no longer be building a house here, we do not regret out Italian adventure. 
We would recommend Welcomeservice to anyone, and would happily speak to anyone privately should they want a reference.
Jonathan Charles and Polly Jane Dyson, London (U.K.)
Meine Eltern und ich haben uns sehr gefreut mit Paola zusammen zu arbeiten zu dürfen. Sie arbeitet sehr professionell, kümmert sich um alles und jeden. Wir freuen uns, auch in Zukunft weiter mit Paola
zusammen zu arbeiten.
M. P., Berlin (Germany)

Desidero esprimere la mia stima profonda nei confronti della agenzia Welcomeservice e della sua titolare,signora Paola Berlenghini,per l'operato messo in atto in occasione della vendita di un mio immobile.
Ho trovato professionalità,gentilezza ed infinita disponibilità nel risolvere i tanti piccoli e grandi imprevisti tipo :Covid) che hanno caratterizzato questo processo di compravendita.Muoversi nei meandri della burocrazia,
delle "carte",degli imprevisti ed anche ascoltare le prevedibili richieste di chiarimento di me,venditrice lontana da Todi,credo,non sia stato facile,ma la signora
Berlenghini,o meglio Paola,(come ora preferisco chiamarla)
ha sempre dimostrato una grande competenza e disponibilità. Grata
Marcella Grondona

Conoscevo Paola Berlenghini prima ancora di conoscere Welcomeservice. Sono amico suo, assieme a mia moglie, da anni. Quindi la mia valutazione può trascendere l’aspetto professionale, per investire quello umano.

Paola è una persona intelligente, di temperamento cordiale, di umore solare e di grandissima onestà. Fidarsi di lei è stata cosa immediata, conoscerla come amica, una fortuna.

Assieme a mia moglie, con la quale lavoro, abbiamo affidato a Paola la vendita di tutti i nostri immobili, compresa la casa di famiglia e il nostro studio professionale, per trasferirci e avere così uno studio più ampio che possa accogliere anche uno dei nostri figli che vuole inserirsi nella attività di famiglia.

Sempre Paola ci aiuterà a trovare la casa e lo studio nuovi. Quindi, abbiamo a lei affidato con fiducia tutto ciò che nel presente abbiamo, e che dal passato abbiamo ricevuto, perché ci aiuti a costruirci il futuro. Io e mia moglie non potevamo scegliere persona migliore: è stata con noi sempre rassicurante, ottimista e disponibile. Con pazienza ha fugato tutti i nostri dubbi e sempre ha trovato soluzioni sin dalla nostra prima vendita immobiliare

A tutt’oggi siamo ancora agli inizi del nostro progetto, ma ci sentiamo fiduciosi. È bello alla nostra età, siamo prossimi alla sessantina, poter coltivare un progetto di coppia come il nostro. Ma ancora più bello è avere una persona professionalmente capace che ti aiuti a raggiungere quell’obbiettivo con una passione e una dedizione tali che pare veramente che sia un obbiettivo anche suo.

Non posso che ringraziare Paola Berlenghini, e la sua figlia che so che collabora con lei, per il grande affetto e la capacità con cui ci sta aiutando.

Dott. Ugo Mancini, Perugia


Thank you to Welcomeservice.  The service Paola provided was good, and having an agent with a strong understanding of English, which was super helpful in explaining each stage of the contracting process.  It is also important you get a Notario that speaks English.  Italian land law is super complicated and if you are buying a property with land and you are planning to build, then you should engage a “geometro” to advise you.   Welcomeservice was also able to link us up with the right professionals that guided us through this process.

Buck, Burton (Australia)


La mia cooperazione con Welcomeservice di Paola Berlenghini durante gli ultimi 20 anni è sempre stata molto professionale, utile e di grande serietà. Colgo l'occasione per ringraziare la signora per questa preziosa collaborazione.

Palatodi srl, Roma


It is with great pleasure that we recommend Welcomeservice and Paola Berlengini. As we searched for an apartment in Todi to buy, we knew from the start we were dealing with a professional and personable agency. Paola is organized, knowledgeable and goes out of her way to ensure not only that you have a good experience purchasing in Italy but that you feel welcomed as part of the community. Paola was with us during every step of the process and answered all of our many questions. Her integrity, professionalism and genuine care made us feel comfortable and confident in our purchase. Welcomeservice lives up to it's name and we are grateful that Paola was recommended to us

Maureen and Tom Kazmer, Colorado (U.S.A.)


Working with Paola of Welcomeservice was an amazing experience. Not only did she work tirelessly to find as many apartments as possible to view during our 3 day search in Venice, but she handled every aspect of the offer, negotiations and purchase with so much attention and professionalism. Overall, it was a really great experience. I would recommend Welcomeservice to anyone looking to purchase a home in Italy!
Molly Watanabe, New York (U.S.A.)


Paola is absolutely amazing! Thanks to all the the wonderful help that she provides, we feel entirely comfortable owning a vacation property in Italy. Paola’s impeccable honesty and ethics, her diligent work ethic, and her can-do attitude make us confident that she will capably handle the details big and small that accompany remote property ownership. Even when we’re back in the US, we know that our home is in good hands with Paola always looking out for our best interests. What’s great about Paola is that she manages to bridge the geographic, cultural and linguistic challenges that a foreign property owner in Italy would normally experience.  Her deeply rooted local knowledge allows her to navigate everything from arranging a short-term apartment rental in Todi to facilitating our property purchase to setting up utility accounts to recommending a local vet. There’s seemingly nothing that she can’t accomplish. Paola has also helped us integrate into the Todi community. Her connections with both locals and expats have enabled us to meet lots of fascinating people from all over the globe and develop a local network that makes Todi truly feel like home. In short, Paola is the true embodiment of “Welcome Service”…one that carries on long after our first arrival in Todi!
Matt and Germaine Tupper, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (U.S.A.)

To anyone that is thinking about purchasing in Italy, the realtors at Welcomeservice are the realtors to use. We were very pleased with their service. They provided multiple trips for reviewing potential houses and apartments, and held our hands during the purchasing process. We actually settled on our place when we were back in the States. Scary from afar, but all went very smoothly due to the expertise of the Welcome Service staff, principally Paola, the managing owner. We have referred her services many times over and have never heard of anyone not being pleased. The nice thing about her services, is that it is not restricted to just purchases. She also manages a number of apartment and house rentals for foreign and domestic owners. In short, Paola and her staff are the ones to use when acquiring a home or rental in Italy.
Philip and Kathy Feaster, Montecastello di Vibio

A seguito della mia esperienza, non vastissima ma neanche minima, quale acquirente/venditore di immobili a Todi posso affermare che L’Agenzia Immobiliare Welcomeservice,di Paola Berlenghini, è di estrema professionalità ed  affidabilità non soltanto, come ovvio, nel campo immobiliare ma anche in campo urbanistico ed in campo tributario perché si avvale di propri Consulenti con notevole esperienza specifica. Posso quindi affermare che, acquistando o vendendo immobili a Todi con l’assistenza della suddetta Agenzia, il compratore/venditore potrà stare sicuramente tranquillo e, ferma restando comunque una minima aleatorietà, non correrà senz’altro il rischio di prendere una “fregatura”,cosa che, purtroppo,capita abbastanza spesso. Per tutti questi motivi ringrazio Paola della sua professionalità, di essermi stata accanto in un momento per me particolarmente difficile economicamente e di avermi onorato della sua affettuosa amicizia.
Dr. Stefano Giacobini, Roma

La mia esperienza con Welcomeservice di Paola Berlenghini è assolutamente ottima. Estremamente organizzata e preparata a fornire un servizio di qualità, ha curato ogni aspetto di vendita e acquisto dei miei immobili.
Avv. Eleonora Magnanini, Todi

We arrived in Umbria with the intention of examining the purchase of a second home. We met Paola on the recommendation of a friend and at the end of the process we could say that we could not get better service.Paola is professional in the field, very honest and reliable, and she is immersed in all aspects of the process and knows how to adapt the house to the customer's desire. She introduced us a large variety of properties. Paola accompanied the whole process from choosing the asset, checking the property, opening a bank account and connecting to the notary and drafting the contract. Paola
 is fluent in several languages ​​and has translated the contract for us. The whole process took less than a month. The treatment was so reliable and thorough that we  did not need an attorney on our part.
We feel lucky to meet her. Without it, it is not certain that we would end the process so smoothly.
Hanan Vax, Yavne ( Israel)

I had been looking for property in Umbria for about 5 years and it had been a very frustrating exercise. I discovered Welcomeservice by chance and I was completely bowled over by Paola Berlenghini?s efficiency; she arranged meetings, brought files and introduced the right people at exactly the perfect moment. She has a sixth sense with regard to detail. Having been warned that buying a property in Italy was bound by bureaucratic red tape, it was a joy to have Paola at my side, the purchase went through very smoothly and she has guided me on everything from architects to olive pickers. I cannot recommend her and her team highly enough
Shelley-Anne Claircourt, press agent, London (U.K.)

Like many people, we fell in love with Italy on our first visit. Years later we decided to pursue our dream of actually buying a house in Italy. We researched and read all the right books, then started the process of searching for a house. Many emails and phone calls about houses went unreturned. We soon realized that our problem was that we needed a liaison in Italy, someone who knew the system and could smooth it out for us. But where were we to begin, especially when neither of us is fluent in Italian? Then we found Paola. Without question, Welcomeservice is the most professional, efficient, accommodating and user-friendly agency we have found in all of Europe. Paola and her staff make the maze of legal and real estate issues easy to navigate. Paola herself is one of the downright nicest people we have met in all of Italy and her sense of service and fairness is impeccable. We have thoroughly enjoyed every step in our relationship with Welcomeservice and we recommend them without reservation to anyone seriously searching for a house in Italy
Rev. Dr. Robert and Mrs Suzanne Le Favi, Savannah, Georgia (U.S.A.)

If you are thinking of buying property, land, actually anything in Umbria your first stop must be Welcomeservice and Dr.ssa Paola Berlenghini " We consider ourselves very lucky to have come across Welcomeservice on the internet when we were searching for a property in Umbria, and from the first house Paolo showed us until the final signing for that first house (Yes we bought that first house !) we received nothing but the highest standard of professional & freindly service. Paola made our experience of buying a property in a foreign country painless, she helped us with all the jobs we had been told were a nightmare ie. banks, comune, insurance, etc, etc. We would not hesitate to recommend Paola and her team of professionals because we know she does what she says
Conor McGlone & Siobhan Hegarty, photographers, Donegal (Ireland)

Welcomeservice is a unique service designed for those foreigners who wish to live in Umbria permanently or to spend their holidays in gorgeous places. I could spend my holidays in Umbria some time ago and I decided to travel along back roads with Paola: I could enjoy the view of fascinating landscapes and splendid Medieval villages unknown to most tourists and taste delicious food. I felt as if I were with an old Italian friend. Thanks Paola!
Paulina Rizzuti, estate agent, San Francisco (U.S.A.)

Never met an Italian more organized, knowledgeable, fast and efficient. The money was well spent, saving us hours of getting through the maze of Italian bureaucracy. Paola knows her business whether it is phones, electric, documents ..And she is beautiful too!
Bruce Weissman, banker, San Francisco (U.S.A.)

Paola, You have been a life saver to me in my move to Italy! You have shown me how things are done in Italy, making it so much easier to cut thru the red tape. You have followed thru dilligently in arranging all my utilities, and household needs. You even found time to help me while you were on vacation. In short, you have helped me enormously. Thank you so very much!
Seija Sisko Weissman, Kihnio (Finland)

I can certainly recommend the friendly and efficient Welcomeservice provided by Paola - she takes care of all those difficult, tedious but necessary tasks associated with house buying in Italy - an invaluable help both when we are in Italy and when we are back at home.
Patrick & Sallie Scodeller, Singapore

Paola Berlenghini - oder die gute Zauberfee Als wir im Januar 2001 den Vorvertrag zum Mietvertrag für unser Haus in Torri unterschrieben, hatten wir bedingungsloses Vertrauen in das Wort des Vermieters bezüglich der Fertigstellung des Hauses und der ausgehandelten Vertragsbedingungen. Immer wieder wurde vom Vermieter ein Termin der Fertigstellung genannt - immer wieder wurden die Zusagen nicht eingehalten. Die Handwerker erschienen nicht auf der Baustelle, das Haus wurde und wurde nicht fertig. Wir waren der Verzweiflung manchmal nahe und wir hätten Italien bestimmt verlassen, um uns in einem anderen Gastland niederzulassen. Als dann fünf Monate später noch immer nicht an den Einzug zu denken war und immer neue Vertröstungen kamen, da erschien Paola - einer guten Fee gleich! Seit wir Paola mit der Regelung unserer Angelegenheiten, sei es die Fertigstellung des Hauses, die Überprüfung der vom Vermieter neuerlich vorgelegten Vertragsbedingungen, die Organisation der notwendigen Anschlüsse für das Haus etc., beauftragt hatten, ging plötzlich alles viel schneller. Seit Paola sich um die Angelegenheit kümmert, kamen die Handwerker zu verabredeten Zeiten, erledigten ihre Arbeiten zügig. Und Paola war die erste, die uns die Besonderheiten des italienischen Mietrechtes so erklären konnte, dass wir nicht mit platten Bemerkungen wie "wir sind hier in Italien" abgespeist wurden, sondern mit grundlegendem Wissen neue Vertragsverhandlungen führen konnten, die unter Vermittlung eines hervorragenden Anwaltes zum erfolgreichen Abschluß geführt werden konnten. Paola hat uns eine neue, ganz andere Seite der italienischen Mentalität gezeigt und wir sind froh heute hier leben zu können.
Bernd Rademacher - Beratender Betriebswirt (Deutschland)
Christian Albrecht - AirServices Business Consultant (Deutschland)

Paola is wonderful! As we say in Texas, "she takes the bull by the horns" - which means she anticipates needs and handles the situation.
Rochelle (Shelly) White, attorney, Houston, Texas (U.S.A.)

We would like to thank Paola very much for helping us buy our holiday home in Todi. Nothing was too much bother for her and she helped us through every stage, from first viewing the property until the final closure. She is always available if an emergency happens and she has smoothed out any problems which we have encountered, although these have been few thanks to her efficiency. She is very helpful and totally professional, always glad to help in any way she can. She has also introduced us to many people in Todi, and it is thanks to her that we now have quite a few friends - Paola of course is one of them.  Paola, we cannot thank you enough.
Ann and Michael McConway, Renfrew, Scotland (U.K.)

As an American deciding to retire and move permanently to Italy and not speaking any Italian, I was so fortunate in my website search to find Welcomeservice,
an Umbrian real estate agency, established by Dr. ssa Paola Berlenghini.  I communicated per email with Paola for many months prior to leaving for my new home in Umbria,
Italy. Paola is a highly professional, knowledgeable, honest, and service-oriented individual.  Not only did she immediately find me exactly the apartment I dreamed of,
she assisted me in completing so many things that would have been extremely difficult to accomplish as a non-Italian.  She introduced me to other Italians in my chosen town
of Todi, assisted me in obtaining  my codice fiscale, certificate of residence, and exercised due diligence in explaining to me the amazingly long rental lease written in
Italian (page by page and line by line), and she connected me with vendors/persons who could provide services needed to set up my new home. No question was too small or deemed insignificant by Paola.  What would I have done without her!?  I enthusiastically recommend Paola to those seeking an ultimate professional who so willingly and graciously lives up to the name of her company, Welcomeservice.  If you are simply planning a vacation to Umbria or moving to Umbria, you may be assured that you are in safe, knowledgeable and professional hands with Paola.
Grazie, Paola! Your appreciative client,
Dr. Polly G. Moore, La Jolla, CA, USA expat

Real estate agency Umbria Welcomeservice with Taly from Israel
Real estate agency Umbria Welcomeservice: new Todi resident
Real estate agency Umbria Welcomeservice: new Todi home owners
Real estate agency Umbria Welcomeservice: new Todi home owners
Real estate agency umbria welcomeservice
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Real estate agency Umbria Welcomeservice: new Todi resident
Real estate agency Umbria Welcomeservice: new Todi resident


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