Struck by Umbria

Boom of the tourist real estate market in 2020 summer

From June to September 2020 the demand for daily rentals was replaced by that for medium and in some cases long-term rentals, while the demand for the purchase of second homes in the countryside, both for renovated properties with swimming pool and for farmhouses to be refurbished,  recorded an important increase. Local Italian tourism was predominant, but together with the flows from central and northern Europe, it confirmed the attractiveness of the natural beauties of Umbria, for many still to be discovered. Tourists and buyers have chosen to invest in a good quality of life, in the countryside and in small towns or ancient villages, embellished with private and panoramic outdoor areas. In summer 2020, in such an evident way, the wide peaceful and safe GREEN SEA of Umbria has replaced for many the traditional holiday resorts, by the sea or in the mountains.

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