FOR SALE Old Borgo in Umbria

Enchanting 13th century hamlet for sale in Massa Martana (Umbria), 4300m2 of residential and rural buildings, including a church, the main villa, the mill, the dovecote tower and 2 watchtowers. Over 30 hectares of woods, productive olive grove, arable lan

Price: 2.500.000 €
About 5100 sqm in need of major renovation, not protected by the Art and Culture Ministry
28.5 Ha framing the Borgo and partly terraced, including about 200 productive olive trees (moraiolo), 3 century old cypresses,1520 mq chestnut grove, 13.47 Ha wood, 14.32 Ha crop land, 6000sqm bushy pasture land
13th cent charming Borgo for sale in Massa Martana (Umbria-Italy), 4300sqm buildings including the church, a main villa, the mill, the dovecote tower, 2 watch towers and over 30 Ha wood, productive olive trees, crop land. Open views of the Umbrian countryside that gently extends from Massa Martana to Todi. In need of renovation, it is very flexible and can be transformed into a private country retreat, or a centre for artists or crafts people, a rehab or retirement centre, a country hotel,  a training center, an eco-village, co-housing



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