The residential contract increasingly requested by those who do smartworking

Read the article of December 13, 2023

December 13, 2023

Umbria becomes the new home of foreign workers in smart working. More and more citizens from other countries are renting a property within the region. A phenomenon highlighted by Paola Berlenghini, delegate for real estate tourism for Fiaip Umbria, (the Italian federation of professional real estate agents), who confirmed "a change in market developments. If in the past foreigners, especially from the United States, decided to enter the region by buying a property, now they dedicate themselves to signing a residential contract. Whether it is for 3, 6 or 12 months does not matter? he concludes? this particular slice of the customer pie is increasingly larger". A location that helps to develop the concept of sustainable smart working (or agile working if you prefer in Italian), with workers fleeing large cities to find a healthier life. As Berlenghini herself states, "what obviously makes the difference is the quality of our food, the excellent culture and the much more advantageous prices compared to other regions, such as Tuscany". The leasing of properties thus restores the appreciation of the villages and small municipalities. Just as it helps citizens save in various sectors. First of all on interest rates, which reached such a level that, as highlighted by Istat, they caused the mortgage market to collapse by 20%. This means that there are no trades, therefore no new purchases. Not to mention inflation, still heavy in Umbria, reaching +2.4%, higher than the national level, stuck at +1.7%. With the cost of living rising, more and more citizens are deciding to focus on rentals. This was stated again by Berlenghini, who confirms the trend which "follows the national and international line. In Italy there are around 7% of the population who decide to give up purchasing, moving to the rental market".




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