Mercato Immobiliare in Umbria

Seconde case, frena il mercato immobiliare. In Umbria si alzano i prezzi a causa dell'inflazione

Read the article of July 18, 2023

There has been a sharp slowdown in recent months for the real estate market of second homes in Umbria. Paola Berlenghini, real estate agent member of the supervisory committee of the Umbria real estate exchange, describes the situation: "In the first 9 months of 2022 it confirmed a good performance. The brick symbolically represents stability precisely in periods of uncertainty and precariousness. The house claims its role as a safe haven par excellence. In recent months there has been a slowdown which has lasted until the second half of 2023 due to inflation which contributes to cooling the positive momentum that has affected the real estate sector in recent years". The forecasts for the prices of properties to be renovated in the immediate future: "On the one hand they are undergoing declines, on the other, thanks also to the redevelopment policies of the real estate assets and a limited offer of renovated houses, for the second half A revaluation of prices is expected in 2023, estimated by some to be a few percentage points for each leap in energy class achieved thanks to real estate regeneration". The market is now much more targeted: "We are looking for quality, efficient and renovated houses. The offer has dropped numerically and has improved qualitatively. Rents have seen a slight increase: for furnished two-bedroom apartments in the historic center , the average values fluctuate between 500 and 800 euros per month, while for houses in the countryside, with up to 3 bedrooms, furnished, between 800 and 1400 euros per month, in addition to the payment of all ancillary charges". Umbria always remains a destination of great interest for those who have to invest in a second home: "Man remains fascinated by nature and simple things, by houses not altered in their typicality and with the possibility of a view overlooking natural elements ". On the Umbria Chamber of Commerce website it is possible to monitor the quarterly price lists divided by Municipality.




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